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Why We Makespace

Carving out time to Makespace means you don’t always have to be “on.”

Carving out time to Makespace means working towards your dreams next to others who care deeply about making a dent in the universe, too.

Makespace is your Quiet Tribe.

Your Quiet Tribe is not one more obligation on your schedule — 
it’s designated time and space to show up to yourself. 


Your Quiet Tribe is not a place to pitch polished talking points — 
it’s a gathering that encourages draft form.


Your Quiet Tribe is a group of ambitious dreamers who know that “getting to work” is the hardest part of accomplishing our dreams. But it’s the only thing that works.

Your Quiet Tribe embraces silence as a form of intimacy — 
holding space instead of always filling it.


Your Quiet Tribe holds you accountable to your dreams.

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